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Stephan Pyles Readers Choice 2018

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Chef Stephan Pyles is Dallas Observers 2018, Readers Choice for Best Chef!

Stephan Pyles is no stranger to accolades and awards, but he particularly enjoys when his own customers think he's doing a good job.

When Chef Pyles announced he was opening Flora Street Cafe, he was teased that he was swimming against the tide with a fine-dining restaurant. Obviously, those naysayers were way off base.

Chef Stephan Pyles says, "There will always be place for fine dining, a certain type of experience. In Dallas, I felt like that was what was missing. There’s brilliant food here in Dallas. It’s all very casual. It’s for Millennials. It’s good. It’s not about a quiet, dignified experience in a beautiful setting with superb service and food. The trick is to be small. That’s why Flora Street Cafe has only 70 seats."


Best Restaurants in Dallas TX

Chef Pyles Chairs Harvest 2018

Best Restaurants in Dallas - Flora Street Cafe Stephan Pyles Chairs N. Texas Food Bank Harvest


Chef Stephan Pyles Hosts 2018 Harvest Fundraiser Kick-Off Party At His Flora Cafe.

Not only was Chef Stephan Pyles the honorary Chair for the North Texas Food Bank‘s 5th Annual Harvest, he was also the mastermind behind their VIP gathering the night of the fundraiser.

The North Texas Food Bank provides more than 190,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families across a  13-county service area. The North Texas Food Bank recently launched a 10-year plan to provide access to 92 million nutritious meals annually by 2025.

Chef Pyles has been a committed partner with the North Texas Food Bank for the last 30 years.


Best Restaurants in Dallas TX