Chefs For Farmers Fall 2018

When: November 2-5 Where: Various locations, including the Dallas Farmers Market, The Adolphus Hotel, and Lee Park Tickets: $40-$150, depending on event. Tickets can be purchased here

Chefs For Farmers November 2nd through 5th, 2018.

Chefs For Farmers brings together the finest culinary and bar professionals from Dallas and beyond in support of the farmers who supply their ingredients.

Chefs For Farmers is proud to show off the talents of the best chefs and food artisans, while celebrating the farmers that make great food possible. In one calorie-filled festival weekend, we pay tribute to Dallas as an emerging food city through incredible events that highlight the entire culinary eco-system in North Texas and beyond. As good food citizens of the world, we balance our dedication to sustainability, eco-consciousness, and charity with our greatest mission: putting on the best food festival Dallas has ever seen.

Tickets: $40-$175, depending on event.

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